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Oct 26 2020

Ways To Keep Your Home Extra Warm This Winter

The winters in the US stay a little longer. We struggle to keep warm throughout the season, and the heating system saves us like a superhero. But, with cozy warmness come high power bills.

The spike in power bills can be controlled by following simple tips. Here we are going to talk about how you can keep your home extra warm during winters. The best thing about these steps is that they will cost you nothing, so here we go:

Let the sunlight in

On the days when the sun shines bright, open your curtains to trap the warmness from the sunlight. Also, a natural source of light would cost nothing. Usually, curtains act as a warm insulation layer that keeps the warmth even when the sun goes down.

Switch On The Timer Clock For The Internal Heating System

It will surely help to save energy and keep your place warm for a longer time. If you set a time for the thermostat to turn on when the temperate goes low, you won’t require instant high heating. In simple words, it will be on when needed, since the heating will be as per the temperature.

Seal The Draughts

It is essential to keep windows and open areas sealed. Even the small openings around the windows can affect the internal temperature. You can quickly seal it yourself with a rubber. With this, the efficiency of the heating services can also vary.

Ceiling Fans Can Trap The Heat Too

The ceiling fans can be turned on in reverse to push down the warm air when you need it. The game is to trap heat inside your home for desired warmth.

Free Flow Of Warm Air

When the debris clogs the furnace filters, it stops the free flow of the air. It is essential to keep the air filters clean to ensure that the warm air does not waste. Due to blockage in air filters, the furnace load will increase; it will withdraw the same or more power but will not deliver the desired warmth. We recommend changing filters in 60-90 days.

Is your furniture blocking the heat?

Many people move their furniture in front of the radiator to get warm air, which blocks the room’s airflow, resulting in a drop in temperature. Check all the air ducts for any obstruction. If there is something, then that shout is shifted immediately for the best results.

Call the Heating System Doctors

All Around HVAC deals with heating services and furnace repair in Chico, CA. Sometimes you know the symptoms, but you need to call the doctors to detect the diseases. Similarly, here you know that your place is not getting warm properly, but the reason behind that can be decoded and treated by our experts. To keep your home warm during winter, contact us today at (530) 521-4433.

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