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Apr 15 2021

Is Your A/C Ready For Summer?

It is crucial to get air conditioning services in Chico, CA before summer starts because it gets unbearable at the peak summer season. The problem is that you might not be able to fix anything because the waiting list of customers is pretty long. 

Steps You Can Follow To Ensure That Your AC Is Ready:

Getting a Start:

First things first, check if your AC is working efficiently, without any leakage, odors, or noises. This is the first step to check if there is an underlying issue that requires professional treatment. It is better to get it checked rather than let the problem keep building up.

Attention to The Ductworks:

Make sure that there is no space left between seams. Improper insulation is an invitation to a lot of troubles. This saves your equipment from irregular condensation and leakage through the ceiling.

Clean Your Filters:

With regular usage, filters are bound to get dirty. It is always better to clean them once in a while so that nothing starts to build up. This also helps in better airflow and improved quality.

Check If Replacement is Needed:

If you feel that your AC had not been as efficient last summer, maybe it is time to consider a replacement. Inefficient systems will cost you more in terms of maintenance and regular air conditioner repair in Chico, CA. Rather, go for a new energy-efficient AC and enjoy comfort at low costs.

Pre-Season Check:

Regular maintenance of your air conditioners can prove to be more impactful than you think before the peak season of summer starts; schedule maintenance so that your summers can go by peacefully. This will ensure that the operational efficiency is optimum and airflow is good throughout.

Cost-Effective Methods:

Obviously, most people tend to ignore simple things like keeping the room doors closed when AC is on. In the long term, this will also increase your utility bills because the AC will be working for longer and yet not make any impact. If the room stays open, the system will take much longer to make a room cool, ultimately bringing down the efficiency. Our HVAC companies in Chico, CA, offer the best HVAC services at an unbeatable price. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

Compressor Checking:

The compressor is that part of the AC that remains outside the house and gets ignored. It tends to catch debris, dust, twigs, and grass from the outside. If it is a lawn area, you can trim the grasses to keep it functioning smoothly. Also, the pad that the compressor rests on keeps shifting over time, so it is important to verify, correct, and shift it back to its normal position.

Keeping the points mentioned earlier in mind will ensure that your AC is summer-ready. Now is the perfect time to vamp up your AC when the weather is still not that hot and bearable. Once the soaring heat starts and temperatures start to rise, it will get very troublesome to call professionals and let them repair or maintain your AC for hours, not to mention the discomfort you and your family will have to go through.

Here are some other services to check: