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Oct 28 2020

8 Reasons Your Heat Won’t Turn On

Since it is essential to stay warm during winters, the heating system should be up to the mark. If you have this question in mind, ‘Why is my heater not turning on?’, it is best to stay prepared in advance with All Around HVAC services and heating repair in Chico, CA. You should also know if there is no heating or the system is not turning on, then what can be the reason behind it. Not all problems get sorted at home; for some, you need professional assistance.

Check the Circuit Breakers if the Heat Isn’t Turning On

  • If the furnace isn’t turning on for heat supply, the first step is to check the circuit breaker. Even the gas furnace has electrical components that might break down. So you can start checking electrical components across the unit. If there is some problem with it or you suspect a fault, then immediately call the professionals from All Around HVAC furnace repair in Chico, CA.
  • Switch on the circuit breaker, and go through all the power distribution panels. Suppose you see any abnormality try resetting the system once. If it still does not then, call for help at (530) 521-4433. In case the circuit breaker keeps tripping, don’t force it to start it again and again. That can be dangerous and ignite a fire in the unit.

Check Thermostat

  • The programming of a thermostat is such that it resets when the power goes off. It restarts with the default setup. Check if the thermostat is switched on and set on the HEAT mode.
  • After performing the above steps, raise the temperature to its maximum limit to notice the indoor temperature change. There might be heating, but if it is not sufficient, then try cleaning ducts and filters. If there is zero heating even after setting the highest temperature, contact technicians at All Around HVAC for furnace repair in Chico, CA.

No Maintenance Can Lead To No Heating

Every machinery in this world demands service. When specific machinery is not operational for an entire season, it might break down. The blower blows out the warm air for your comfort, but lack of attention can be the reason for the complete failure of its motor and other electrical components. The small issues cluster up to make one more significant issue that causes a complete breakdown.

Replace the air filter very frequently since it has a continued role but not that long life. The proper connection to the flame sensor is quite essential, but due to negligence, it can be dirty to a limit where it won’t sense the trigger, and hence it will cut off on turning on. The burner might still work, but the efficiency will decrease. All Around is an HVAC companies in Chico, CA have experienced and perfectionist professionals who help you with their services when your heater is not turning on. Contact now on (530) 521-4433 to avoid such issues.