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Sep 30 2021

6 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair Service This Winter

A sudden heater shutdown in the middle of winter can be a complete nightmare, but chances are, long before your heating system fails, there are signs that it needs repair or replacement service. Rather than wait until everything is no longer functioning. Thus, it is best to heed these signs and hire a HVAC companies Chico, CA for heating repair before the problem gets worse.

Here Are Six Common Signs You Need For Heating Service Of Furnace In , CA

  • Burner Flame Color

If the flame is yellow, it is usually a dirty burner, and the color means that the gas is not burning completely. That, in turn, means your furnace Chico, CA,  is not heating to its capacity and the carbon monoxide (CO) produced by your furnace is not being removed appropriately.

  • Moisture Build-up

If you notice moisture on ceilings, walls, or windows in some areas of your home, this could be a sign that there is not enough airflow in your home. Stale or damp air indicates that there could be an issue in the vents or in the furnace itself.

  • Water leaks

It may not be necessary to discover that if a puddle of water has formed around your furnace/heating repair Chico, CA, this is a sign of a problem.

If you only see a leak when operating your AC unit, the chances are that the water condensate line has a leak or a blockage. If water is coming from the furnace itself, it means that something more serious is happening, and it’s time to call a pro for furnace repair and heating Chico, CA

  • Your Furnace Makes Strange Noises

All heating systems make noise, but a good heater should be relatively quiet. If your heater has become louder lately or suddenly makes a new banging, rattling, or whining sound, this is a clear sign something is probably wrong with it. When old furnaces start to break down, they tend to make more noise.

  • Poor Air Quality

If the air in your home seems constantly dusty, even after so much cleaning, that shows that something is wrong. If you or your family members have recently begun to show symptoms of respiratory illness or asthma, it is a definite sign. A furnace that is not working fine can spread dust, mold, and other potential contaminants or allergens throughout your home. Your first step in this situation is to replace the filter on your furnace, but if that does not work, call a furnace repair Paradise CA company.

  • Uneven Heating and Cold Spots 

Your heating system seems to be working fine in some parts of your home. While other rooms or areas remain cold and damp no matter which level you turn on the thermostat? It is a common problem in homes with heating system ductwork problems, especially in old houses. Thus, get a professional to inspect your furnace to determine and fix the cause of heating airflow problems.

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